5532 at Ebbw Junction Shed, Newport, on 31st July 1939.(RHG Simpson)

5532 was out shopped from Swindon Works in June 1928. After running in at Reading, she was first allocated to Stourbridge Junction to work in the West Midlands. She then went to Worcester for a period, where she regularly jump between Worcester and Evesham. In 1941, whilst being based at Newport Ebbw Junction, she had the honour of hauling the Royal Train. On the 22nd October, together with classmate 5516, she hauled the train from Hereford to Monmouth Troy. 

5532 at Clifton Down Station, Bristol, in 1954. (Photographer Unknown)

Later the same day she hauled the Royal Train (with King George VI on board) from Monmouth Troy to Ross on Wye. After this she was based at several sheds across the old GWR network, including Aberbeeg, Pontypool, Oswestry, Bristol Bath Road, Swindon, Westbury and Laira in Plymouth.

5532 at Plymouth North Road, in 1959. (Keith Jones)

5532 was withdrawn from service on 10th July 1962 from Laira, having travelled 705,111 miles in service.She was bought by Woodham Brothers Barry on 4th September 1962, and was to spend the next 20 years at Barry. She stayed there until March 1981 when sold to the Dean Forest railway. The Llangollen Railway Great Western Locomotive Group became owners of 5532 in 1987.

5532 leaving Dai Woodham's Scrapyard, Barry, South Wales, in March 1981.

(Photographer Unknown)

The Group bought a range of components over the years. They then helped build and pay for a part of the new engine shed, including an inspection pit. When the shed was ready, the frames were moved in during 1997, and restoration of the frames commenced. Additionally, the group bought connecting and coupling rods, paid for the repair and replacement of springs, contract work on the frames, and turning and reprofiling all the wheels.

As of 2015, almost all of the work has been completed on the rolling chassis, with the bunker and cab sections also fitted. Nearly all of the components have been purchased and are in store, ready to be fitted onto 5532 when the time is appropriate. Work has already begun on dismantling the boiler so that the inner firebox can be properly examined to see if it is reusable, or if a new one will have to be ordered. Meanwhile, a new Door Plate and Smoke Box Tube Plate have been purchased.


On Friday 26th June 2015, group members discussed and agreed plans with Llangollen PLC to build new tanks for 5532 and are being ordered at a cost of £21,500 plus VAT. It is planned to start this in October 2015, with completion by the end of December 2015. This means that the only thing that will be left to finance is the boiler.


5532 undergoing restoration inside Llangollen Workshop, on 31st June 2015.

(Joseph Wellsteed)

Christmas Eve 2015 and a lovely surprise came in the form of the brand new smokebox mounted onto the loco, with the chimney also fitted. It was fantastic to see the amount of work visually completed inin the space of a few months. The Steel plates for the tanks were still to be delivered at this time.

The new smokebox fitted to the frames, on 24th December 2015.

(Dave Owen)


During the winter of 2016, work had become on the new smokebox door and water tanks. By the time the spring steam gala ('Along Cambrian Lines') arrived, the new smokebox door had been completed and attached to the smokebox. Meanwhile the water tanks were being assembled in the Llangollen Railway PLC's new fabricating area within the workshop.

5532 with her new smokebox door installed, 8th-10th April 2016.

(Charles Cooksley)

Over the course of April and May 2016, the Llangollen Railway PLC. have been constructing the new left hand side tank. As this is the tank which houses the water level gauge mechanics, it is expected that this tank will take longer to construct than the right hand tank. The left hand tank is at an advanced stage of assembly, with most of the sides in places.

The left hand side tank being assembled inside the Llangollen Railway workshop.

(David Clark)

5532 Principal Dimensions

Wheel arrangement: 2-6-2T

Power classification: C / 4MT

Nominal tractive effort: 21,250 lbs

Weight: 61 tons

Wheel diameters: 3'2", 4'7½", 3'2"

Cylinders: Two 17½" x 24"

Boiler pressure: 200psi

Valve gear: Stephenson

Route Availability: Yellow