2859 Sold for £38000

As previously reported, 3 groups were interested in purchasing 2859 with a view of full restoration. At the most recent AGM on the 29th September, the groups were asked to present updates regarding their plans. Two of the groups attended.

Group 1 (the group present on Facebook and have placed appeals in the railway press) explained their intention of raising £40,000 over a 12 month period, of which a small proportion had been raised so far.

Group 2 proposed paying £38,000 in a very short period, with an initial deposit of £4,000 and the rest paid in short notice.

Group 3 did not attend the AGM, but their proposal was for at least £13,000 less, spread over 12 months.

We can now report that as of the 6th October, Group 2 has fulfilled their agreement of £38,000 for 2859 and the Llangollen Railway Great Western Locomotive Group has agreed to the sale. Group 2 have also reserved the 6 coupling rods LRGWLG also have for 2859. If these are also bought, this will them give us 70% of the funds required to finish 5532's boiler.

We would like to thank all the groups for showing their interest and intent to purchase 2859. The sale of the loco will help towards 5532's ongoing boiler restoration, and her first steaming now looks more closer than ever.

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