Long overdue update...

Hello everyone, it has certainly been a while. My apologies for the lack of posts for the past few months, and I feel I own you all an explanation. I run this page on behalf of LRGWLG, out of my own money, and sometimes things happen in life which means you cannot do as much as you want. Well, unfortunately I got made redundant from my old job, and as a result was unable to renew the domain address this year. So for the time being, until I can afford to pay for the domain, this site only be reach by going to the following address:- https://wellsteed.wixsite.com/llangollen-gw-loco

Now that the bad news is done with, I think it is time for a quick update on what has been going on. As previously reported, 2859 has now been sold to Managing Director and engineer Paul Walley, who has experience restoring a number of steam road vehicles and traction engines and together with his father, they have a small team that have restoration experience. 2859 has now left Llangollen and has now been moved to Paul's own engineering company in Congleton, Cheshire so that he restoration can begin.

Below is a video that put together back on the 11th November, showing 2859 being shunted from the back of the diesel road, ready for her to be picked up and taken to her new home. Footage of 2859 begins at 12 min, 15 sec.

2859 left the railway on the morning of Thursday 30th November and below are some photos of her leaving on the back of a low loader, heading for pastures new.

(Images courtesy of George Jones)

Meanwhile, with the fresh load of finances in the LRGWLG fund, discussion are currently being made with Llangollen Railway Engineering and a plan of work is being put together ready for work to begin once room become available amongst other work.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Joseph Wellsteed

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