2859 restoration has begun & new injectors ordered for 5532.

For those interested in 2859, we have had a email from the new owner Paul Walley, giving us an update on the progress made since Leaving Llangollen in late November. We would like to share this progress to you too.

Paul and his team have made a great start on 2859 in his workshop. They have already removed the boiler and the pony truck, bought components for a replacement cab and floor, ordered additional material, and have given attention to the front buffer beam and the buffer area under the cab that faces the tender. In all he has listed about 12 separate processes.

The restoration of 2859 is now ahead of where Paul had planned to be when he bought the loco from LRGWLG, originally predicting that they would have only havd 2859 stripped down by May 2018.

Paul has taken up the option to buy the 28xx coupling rods that LRGWLG have in store, giving a major boost to the funding of 5532`s boiler, on top of the £38000 he paid for 2859.

At present, Paul wishes to concentrate on getting along with the restoration work when his full time career permits, so it will be unlikely that any reports will be placed in the railway magazines directly. He will however have a website setup in due time for 2859 where updates will be posted.

LRGWLG are very happy that 2859 has gotten off to such a great start, really hope that the momentum continues, and will give further updates on 2859 as and when they are received.

Meanwhile, LRGWLR must continue in raising funds for 5532's boiler overhaul. Whilst waiting for quotations for the boiler work to come in, the option has been taken to order a brand new set of injecters from the Severn Valley Railway, and are now waiting with excitement for them to be completed and delivered to Llangollen.

That is all the news for now, thank you all for support and please continue to support 5532 and help with funding the boiler restoration either by buying shares or donating what you can. Information on how to do this can be found on the "How You Can Help" page.

bye for now...

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